2 Broke Girls

I watch TV.

This TV Consultant has been quiet for a quite a while. I blame work. And global warming. Which means it’s all your fault, because that fridge that is keeping your cheese cold? It’s melting icebergs in northern Russia.

The icebergs are crying.

The icebergs are crying.

Even though I haven’t been talking to you, I have been doing the other half of my job unpaid hobby: watching TV. Here’s a round up of some recent thoughts, observations, criticisms, witticisms, whatnots, and what-have-yous. Enjoy, and comment below. Because I said so.

How I Met Your Mother

Robin: try harder.

Maybe it’s because she has nothing to do, maybe it’s because she has to wake up and start living her life, but I think Robin Sherbatsky could really use a some sparkle this season.


Kill Hank. And Adalind. They are just so evil and annoying. You can sort out which is which. You know what? Captain Renard is bugging me, too, even though he speaks such wonderful French. And Juliette is kind of a wimp, so she can go as well.

Just keep Nick. And Monroe.

Keep me or else.

I stay or else.

The Mindy Project

Less Shauna and more Gwen?

I hope it’s because Amanda Setton was offered a huge movie deal and not because they want to pave the way for Mindy and Danny.

By the way, it looks like everyone who watched the Gynaecologist episode felt just as embarrassed as Danny, because they awkwardly avoided Mindy the next week.

New Girl

Stop making Jess and Nick fight.

The actors clearly do not believe what they are doing. I don’t think the characters do, either. See The Argument (but is it really?).

In fact, just stop making everyone fight.


Psych… Psych doesn’t premier until February.



Parks and Recreation

Please give Chris Traeger something to live for already.

Burn Notice

Michael Weston killing Tom Card in cold blood.

Isn’t the whole premise of the show that Michael is innocent? I’m gonna call it. Burn Notice has just jumped the shark.

Dr. Cox is now dead.

Dr. Cox is now dead.


Keep doing what you’re doing.

But also, why did Philip become Philip?


I like this show.

Arrested Development

Two words: fourth season.


It ain’t easy, bein’ white..

The Vampire Diaries

A real post on this is coming soon. As in, Thursday. As in, CB and I are going to duke it out over Damon and Stefan.

Bring popcorn.

2 Broke Girls

As Samuel Johnson said, puns are the lowest form of humour.

But also, I just peed my pants.

And I love Kat. I mean, Max.

Criminal Minds

Not watching it any more.

Mandy Patinkin interestingly said, “It was very destructive to my soul.”

“I thought it was something very different. I never thought they were going to kill and rape all these women every night, every day, week after week, year after year.”

After watching the first few episodes of this season (a serial killer… then child-rapists combined with vengeance murderers… then a family killer) I was like: I’m with Patinkin.

PS That moment when you realize Gideon was Inigo Montoya.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Has it just gotten grosser?

Normally I laugh hysterically, but this season I have been fighting nausea.

Person of Interest

Going to watch this.

CB says, “It’s such a good show. So well written and acted. Great story lines, a lot of twists and turns without being weighty, good humor, awesomeness and hotness in every episode… it’s pretty much the perfect show.”

So, what do you watch? What do you think we should see? Tell us below!