Suffice it to say, I hated last night’s episode of Bones.

I will keep this short and simple.

Things I liked:

1. Brennan’s puppy-dog face. That was hilarious. And adorable. And totally believable.

2. Hodgins in the field. Any time Hodgins is out and about interviewing suspects is awesome.

3. The random assistant who walked in, handed Hodgins something, and bumped into Angela on her way out.

Things I hated:

1. Where the eff was Booth? He was in a total of five or six scenes. And only three of them with Brennan. How is this okay?

2. The promotion storyline. It wasn’t exactly bad, just way underdeveloped and out of place and odd.

3. The reveal. What? How? What the heck? I thought I missed like ten minutes of the episode—how did they know it was the wife?


4. The utterly ridiculous murderer-catching scene in the town square. What did the guy think he was going to do? Blow everyone up? Blow himself up? Blow up the guy in the ATM machine-house? WHAT? Please, enlighten me.

5. Two words: AGENT. SPARLING.

I can’t even…

No. I just don’t even know what to say about that whole colossal catastrophe of a character.

  • Her attitude. It wasn’t funny. It was annoying.
  • The fact that Sweets liked her. Really? She was more annoying than Daisy. At least Daisy is sweet.
  • The kiss. Don’t even talk to me about that.
  • Everything about her.
  • Just everything.

Are we celebrating Halloween early? Maybe they were going for gratuitous horror?

I suppose I should be more eloquent, but I can’t be. I’m in too much shock.




  1. I feel like the director and Daisy’s actress got in a fight so they threw in Agent Sparling to throw things out of order. Too odd.

  2. I AGREE with everything you just said. How the crap did they figure out it was the wife? What WAS the murderer thinking standing in line behind the guy at the ATM? I could understand if he contrived to get in line several people before and left his giant soda cup in there then, but chasing the guy into the ATM? Really?
    AND AGENT SPARLING. I hate her guts. I hope she does get fired from the FBI and that we never have to suffer her face again. It was totally out of character for Sweets to like her. And where *is* Daisy these days??

    I thought the promotions thing was fine, because Booth would totally spaz out if he was behind a desk. Brennan’s puppy-dog face was the best part of the episode. The explosion was really cool — I’m with Hodgins on that one.

    Really though, this just felt like a great big filler episode.

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