Stage name: Champagne

So I’m a little hyped on champagne right now.

But guess what? That made watching The Mindy Project that much more enjoyable (just tried to spell “much” with a j… champagne is what proof?).

When I saw a preview for Mindy, I was kind of disgusted. (Finish this quote: “And the face of Michael Fassbender…”) Add to that the fact that Mindy seems to have zero self respect and willingly gives herself up to be used by guys and, well: not impressed.

Then I turned it on.

First off, Mindy is a doctor. #respectable But she’s also a quasi-drunk and spends the first bit of the episode in lock up being interrogated (why?) for drunk and disorderly conduct. #seriouscrimes

But seriously, she was dating this guy (Bill Hader) who dumped her to marry a sexy foreign girl with horrendous teeth. But don’t worry. He was a dentist or oral surgeon or something, so he fixed them. #denturesalltheway #what #butseriouslywhat

The plot lines are kind of bizarre, but that might just be the bubbly. Bear with me.

So she’s invited to the wedding, and of course she goes because apparently she’s a bad girl (M.I.A.’s Bad Gurlz seems to be the theme song). And of course she stands up to give a toast. And of course she says something about how Bill #nothisname wanted to marry her and have six kids, but then he met Sexy Bagel Girl and decided to invest in the foreign market.

This actually has nothing to do with the story.

Because the story is that Mindy has spent her whole life searching for the romantic ideal of When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. #sleeplessinseattle #wantittoo But instead of, like, actually waiting for a guy who will run across New York City on New Year’s Eve to tell her he likes the way she orders food or holding out for a guy who wants to have coffee, drinks, dinner, and a movie for as long as they both shall live…

She sleeps with this guy.

Then (almost) this guy.

Then this guy.

And she kind of knows that’s her problem, because when she’s on a first date with guy #2, she says something about not ruining things with sex. (But maybe on the third date.)

ANYWAYS. What is the point of this show? To tell us about Mindy. An endearing but not sappy, a messed up but not bad, a loose but not too slutty girl-doctor who is wrapped up so much in an idealized world that she doesn’t have time to deal with the reality she’s in. So a lot of things get missed—like a birth, or insurance standards, or the end of a date, or the fact that this guy…

Danny Castellano: “I’m the man that’s gonna take a person out of you.”

is totally in love with her.

And honestly? While it did make me laugh a few times, it wouldn’t be enough to make me tune in to the second episode if this possible relationship wasn’t set up as well as it was. This guy, Danny, is basically introduced as a bit of a jerk. Mindy comes out wearing a cute outfit and asks if it looks nice for a first date. Her girlfriends say yes.

Danny disagrees. So what should she wear?

“Easy,” he says. “Tight dress, shoes that won’t make you complain about walking two blocks. Not a lot of makeup. Look hot. Keep it simple.” #writingthisdown #dontjudgeme #finedo #whatever #couldcareless #badgrammar #couldntcareless #movingon

MINDY: Thank you. I’m just going to take fashion advice from Danny Castellano. Because Danny Castellano, he really gets women, you know?
DANNY: I do. Don’t I.
MINDY: Just ask his wife. Oh, I’m sorry. His, um, ex-wife.
DANNY (leans in, real close, and whispers): You know what would really look great?
MINDY: Yeah? What?
DANNY: If you lost fifteen pounds.

Yeah, jerkish move. But um, she kind of hit below the belt with the whole divorce thing. Aren’t men human too? If you prick them, do they not bleed…? #deep #literary

PS She ends up wearing this.

Anyway, later on Danny comes into the break room while Mindy’s re-watching When Harry Met etc. They kind of have a good conversation about Mandy Mindy’s blind date.

DANNY: Was he a man?
MINDY: What do you mean? Yeah, of course he was a man.
DANNY: No, I mean like… was he a man.
MINDY: Danny, don’t just repeat it and expect me to understand what you’re saying.
DANNY: Was this the kind of guy, who, if you heard glass breaking in the middle of the night—is he going to jump out of bed, say “stay here” and look through the house naked with a baseball bat or is he going to hide under the covers with you?
MINDY: I don’t know… that’s a good question.
DANNY: Is this the kind of guy who is going to get grossed out when you give birth, or is he going to dry your forehead and tell you you look beautiful while all that disgusting stuff is coming out of you?
MINDY: …I couldn’t glean that from this one date we had.
DANNY: Is this the kind of guy who’s not afraid to get into a fistfight at a Springsteen show because someone really disrespects him? You know, just put it out, that he’ll take him down right there, right now?
MINDY: Okay, you’re just talking about yourself.

Yeah anyways. #romanticpotential

The comedic timing is pretty good, and I think there’s enough to the characters that they can expand and go deeper. This show has potential.

It could be the champagne talking, but I’m going to watch episode 2. And I’m kind of looking forward to it.

(Sorry about the #hashtagrampage—I am kind of addicted.) #selfexpression #soundbyte #tagline #motto #catchword #shibboleth #synonyms #embraceit #awesome #legendary #thankyou #goodnight



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