Month: April 2012

Oh, it was SO a do!

Despite my almost blind admiration for all that is Bones, I have to admit this season is not quite up to snuff—by Bones standards.

I have a variety of complaints, all minor—nothing to make me stop watching (which will never, ever, happen). Nonetheless, they are complaints and I know that my beloved show can do so much better than “The Hot Dog in the Competition.” Am I right?

But then tonight happened and anything that I may have been complaining about was entirely washed away by “The Don’t in the Do.”

Damn! That was a good episode. The Bones writers were firing on all cylinders.

The case, the supporting characters, and ultimate denouement were excellently played out. The murderer, at long last, actually meant to kill the victim and was not sorry for it (he was also creepy—kudos to the actor for that). Also, I am not one to cringe at the Bones grossness, which they do so well, but can we say EUGH! Between the hair, the scalping, and the tongue, I had to metaphorically put down the ice cream. (Sidebar: I say metaphorically for two reasons. One, I had no ice cream. Two, if I did, nothing could have made me put it down.)

The show as a whole clicked. The script was cohesive and clever and witty. The different components—from the lab crew, to Booth and Sweets, to Booth and Brennan—were all chugging away like back in Season 5. They felt like a unit. Nobody was left out or left hanging and even Cam, who has been kind of lonely as a character this season, had her moments of connection.

As for Booth and Brennan: there is the couple that I have been waiting to see. Girl, they had their flirt on (which I have been missing since Season 5). How adorable was the end scene? Lingerie? Ice cream? Suggestive looks? Upstairs? Come on.

If someone put a gun to my head I would have to admit two complaints. One, Booth needs to get back to the lab more often. Two, Booth and Brennan need more scenes together. I like Sweets and I like Sweets and Booth, but I like Booth and Brennan more. Humor me, dear writers, and give me a few more scenes with Booth and Brennan bickering to light up my life.

Last, but certainly not least, can we mention Vaziri? Darling, you have not always been my favorite, but tonight, baby, you have a new fan. I am not only in your bandwagon, I am driving it. You can be in as many episodes as you like.

All I can say is: I. Love. This. Show.

The rest of the season? Bring it on. I am freshly invigorated by the ol’ black magic that is Bones.