The Hottie McDotties in Shivette’s Life

Siobhan & Bridget

When Sarah Michelle Gellar signed on to play estranged identical twins in Ringer, I think she did it for more than one reason. And the money and interesting storyline are not what I’m talking about.

What I am talking about are these six superb reasons for joining Ringer‘s cast:

1. Malcolm. This fine specimen of manhood somehow manages to keep a white muscle shirt practically pristine, and his face free from swelling during a three-day torture and drug ordeal. Don’t we all wish we lived in a TV show world?


2. Agent Victor Machado. I have a soft spot for this dark-eyed FBI agent—I’m a total sucker for Cuban Spaniards. But aren’t we all? Apparently Gellar is: she admitted to the show’s creators that she’d love to kiss him. Oh lucky her.


3. Ioan Gruffud. Who doesn’t like a Welshman in a fine Italian suit? (You? You have no soul.) His good looks may have a “buttoned up” quality, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a smoking volcano ready to burst with passion… Did I say that out loud?


4. Kristoffer Polaha. He may be dashingly dapper, but am I the only one who recalls him as a murderous psycho in Bones, Season 2 ? Chopping off siblings’ heads? Anyone? Yes? No?


5. Justin Bruening. Something tells me he just isn’t as innocent as he looks, neither in real life nor on Ringer. But he is cute—if you like that broad-shouldered, hunky type of… ahem.


6. Billy Miller. He is from Texas. ‘Nuff said… Okay, well, maybe not. Oh and one more thing: Charlie ain’t what he says he is. There’s no way. Who’s he undercover for? That’s the question.


7. David Boreanaz.

Booth? Angel? Wait. WHAT?

Whoops! Wrong show! Sorry about that… I wonder how he got in there.

To recap. Like every other TV show on the planet, the female characters are just downright lucky: they seemed to be surrounded with every last good-looking man on earth. And Ringer is no different. Who’s next? Hugh Jackman scoring a guest appearance? Brad Pitt? George Clooney?!

I say spread the love, people! Ladies: TO ARMS! (I mean, INto arms—arms being well-formed, muscled biceps).



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